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What is a BIA?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association of business people within a specified district who join together, with official approval of the City, in a self-help program focused on stimulating local business.

Mission Statement

To maintain a safe, hassle-free and comfortable place for all visitors to Danforth Village, to manage Danforth Village so that all stores and services have equal opportunity to attract customers and clients and to promote the capability of all members to serve them.

Danforth Village BIA History

Black and white picture of a 1921 Ford Model TFirst settled in the 1800’s as Coleman Postal Village at the crossroads of the Danforth Avenue which was a concession road and Dawes Road. When railways were built in the mid-19th century the concession road was improved for horse traffic and named after Colonel Asa Danforth, an American contractor.

The Grand Trunk Railway built a station (York) to serve locals and had a railway yard east of Main Street between Danforth Avenue and Lakeview which is now Gerrard Street. Coleman Postal Village grew and was incorporated as the Village of East Toronto in 1888. Centred on Main Street and extending down to Lake Ontario, the village became a Town and soon afterwards annexed to the City of Toronto in 1908.

In 1918 the Prince Edward Viaduct connecting Bloor Street and Danforth Avenue was opened. Streetcar tracks linking Bloor Street and Danforth Avenue were extended to the Luttrell Loop, a streetcar terminus for the Bloor-Danforth, Gerrard and former Coxwell streetcar routes.

The area developed through 1920 and 1930 as a streetcar suburb along the Danforth Avenue. Most of the housing to the north and south of the Danforth date from this period. In 1921 the Ford Motor Car Company built an assembly plant for Model T and Model A cars, east of the Luttrell Loop, south of Danforth Avenue. The building is still there and became Shoppers World. Also during WWII it was a munitions plant. Ford Motor Car Company moved their assembly plant to Oakville in 1953. In 1962 Shoppers World, one of the very first enclosed Shopping Malls in Canada was developed by Peel Elder. Eatons Department Store was the anchor with other retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Koffler’s Drugs, which we know today as Shoppers Drug Mart.

In 1966 the Bloor-Danforth subway line opened from Keele to Woodbine and in 1968 streetcars were retired.

Map of BIA


Board Of Directors

Louis Dapergolas, Chairman (Tora Home Design)
Nathan McLachlan, Chair Streetscape (Talisker)
Robert W. Smith, Secretary/Treasurer.
Margot Hermelijn (Ken’s Flower Shop)
Debbie Duckworth (Len Duckworths Fish & Chips)
Lorie Fairburn (Neighbourhood Link Support Services)
Haise Seegulam (RBC Dawes Road, Bank Manager)
Janet Davis (City Councillor Ward 31)
Mary Margaret McMahon (City Councillor Ward 32)